Shannon & Steven // In-Home Engagement // Joplin, Mo Engagement Lifestyle Photographer

There’s just something about photos done in clients homes that just makes my heart so happy! It’s so real. I’ve always loved looking back at my own images and simple snapshots of me and those I love at home, in such a familiar and seemingly insignificant place. I love seeing how things were decorated then, all the memories. Most of those snapshots could tell a story. How old we were, what we liked to do, why we were doing what we were doing, who we were at that point in time.. It’s something that standing in a field, all dressed up, just can’t tell you. (Though, I do love those kinds of images too, just for different reasons.)

I’m so drawn to the storytelling aspect of lifestyle photography. When Shannon emailed me and asked if they could do this for their engagement photos I jumped up and down in excitement! YES! And their house was the CUTEST! I think I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves though…



If you’re drawn to images like this, PLEASE don’t hesitate and contact me now and we can set something up for you! Use the contact page above or send me an email at 🙂

Jessica Wagner
Beauty of Grace Photography

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