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I’m so excited to share with you another Joplin Missouri lifestyle family photography session!

“I spent the first four years of my motherhood completely miserable, to be honest. I was overwhelmed, overworked, battling a heavy depression, and just barely scraping by in life. I was stuck in survival mode and there seemed to be no way out. When I began to simplify and remove the unnecessary things that were taking up all my time, I discovered a light at the end of the tunnel.Everything got lighter, simpler, better. I finally shook my depression and it never came back. I had more free time, I was actually enjoying and playing with my kids, I was happier, I was fulfilled, I was able to serve my family and be the best version of myself.” Allie Casazza

Those words spoke to me so deeply when I read them a few months back. They inspired me and motivated me. I found Allie when I was scrolling through facebook and a friend shared a post about her getting rid of all of her kids’ toys. I have been drawn to minimalism few a while now but never really knew how to go about it. I never really had the UUMPH that I needed until I saw this that post.

After reading her story, I started digging some more and learned that she lived just an hour and a half from me. I saw all of her snapshots of her and her kids in their home and LOVED how open, clean, and beautiful it was. I wanted to add her and her family to my portfolio. It was just the look I loved. Something in me told me to just email her, so I did. I expected a bit fat NO! Like, who is this weirdo wanting to come take photos of me and my family. What I got was far from that. Allie is the sweetest, most genuine person. She was excited to be my guinea pig!

My family and I drove to their home in North West Arkansas on a Monday. I got there a little early, so they were still doing a few last minute getting ready details. I got my camera ready and hung out with a couple of her sweet kids. They showed me some of their beloved toys and talked to me about their new cat.

This shoot was so much fun! They cuddled on the couch, read a couple books together, laughed, cried a little, jumped, danced, and made lots of silly faces! At the end, we decided to find somewhere nearby and grab a few outdoor shots! Then we headed to Chik fil a for dinner! I really enjoyed getting to photograph such a sweet family and getting to know them during and afterward.

Allie and her family have inspired me. I have begun my minimalism journey a lot more intentionally. I am so thankful that Allie allowed me to come into her home and capture some beautiful moments between her family for my Joplin Missouri lifestyle family photography portfolio. I’m so thankful for a new friend and for someone I have been able to look up to in these last few months in trying to take ahold of my own motherhood, declutter, and refocusing on what God has given me.

I asked Allie to share a bit about what she does and what she thought of the session for the blog:
“I coach overwhelmed moms in simplifying their homes through minimalism so they can spend more time focused on their families. I wanted a photo shoot that felt relaxed, taken in my home to compliment my business and show my potential clients what their lives can look like. Jessica delivered perfectly. I am so happy with my photos! My youngest child was super fussy and wouldn’t cooperate at all, and Jessica still nailed it. She got him to smile a few times and gave me photos that I love.”
Find Allie here

If you are an interested in having your family documented in a more real, natural way and would like to set up your joplin missouri lifestyle family photography session, email me at or use the contact form above so we can get set up! You can also find more info and pricing here!

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